At, we truly appreciate and realize how confidential your information is. Therefore, we always ensure that your private information is protected when you complete your purchase.
In our Privacy Policy we want to give you a full explanation of what we do following the information we collect provided by the customer. We update this policy frequently as new changes are made for your security.
When making a purchase, create a new email account or contact us via our contact form, we ask you to provide us with your personal information Including Name, Address, Contact Number, which we collect and store in our protected database. We collect details of the resources you access, including traffic statistics, location and other messaging information.
The information collected is mainly used to enable us to offer you our best services. It is used for products and services, checkouts, identity and stopping fraud on your account and improving your shopping experience.
Regarding our verification of shipments, we may use your private data to send you information about new products, special offers and new improvements to our customer service. You can cancel this subscription when you no longer wish to receive promotional emails from us. In this case, you can directly send us an email to
All your private information will be kept secure and will only be used for customer interaction. We will not disclose your personal information to anywhere unless required to do so by law. At, we have no control over size or color, as we build our orders based on the size and color you indicate. Please note that we do not give refunds/returns/for incorrect size and color for any clothing order. It is essential that you establish your size carefully before ordering. So we present the size charts with size details on our website. If you still have questions, email us at:
1. What should I do if the jacket doesn’t fit me?
Nothing to worry about! Simply send your outfit within 7 days in salable condition and we will send you the new Item. For specially made orders based on the size provided, no refunds or exchanges can be given as it was designed absolutely for your physique and we cannot reuse it to sell to another buyer. Delivery costs will in any case be the responsibility of the buyer.
2. We do not offer any refunds, returns or exchanges of clothing if you purchase two items in one transaction. This involves deferring the order of different products and, finally, selecting just one.
3. Order verification after 24 hours, no product, color or size can be exchanged because it is passed for design.
4. Cancellation of the outfit is calculated under the following conditions:
A. For any jacket order cancellation within 3 days, we will not charge any deduction from the total amount.
B. No cancellations will be accepted after 3 days of the order.
5. Before sending new orders to customers, our high-quality department will check the product quality. If the product does not meet the quality and delivery time, we will send you a new outfit by mail with priority shipping at our expense.
6. Refunds will only be accepted if we are 29 business days late after receiving your payment. If we are unable to certify that delivery has been sent to your stated address, we will issue a full refund plus shipping costs.